Monday, September 22, 2008

Puzzle Sketches...

If you haven't yet heard of, seen or started your entry for puzzle sketches go check them out. You can win yourself a $30 voucher from Bon's Scraps. Nic is lucky to have some great new sponsors involved with great things to come so add it to your blog list. If you love a challenge but with a difference then don't miss Puzzle Sketches.


KTM has almost come to an end but we still have quite a few items left at 50% off and kits at 20-30% off. We will be closing at the end of the month. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes over the last week or so.

Now I will have more time to scrap for me and I look forward to being able to enter other people's challenges etc as I wasn't able to before. Alot of the girls from KTM have found a new home at Scrap Therapy so if you want to catch up or are looking for a place to hang out Lee-anne and the other girls have made us feel really welcome.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Official...

I am closing down KTM. After a long decision making process and lots of back and forth and sadness I have decided closing is the best thing. With my new job taking up most of my days and wanting my nights and weekends for my family and myself I just didn't have the time to commit fully to it. It wouldn't be fair to everyone if I only put half of myself into it. I think is the best thing for me. I have made lots of life long friends and even met family on the way. The biggest thing I will miss is the people and the daily interaction with them, people from all over the globe.

We are having a big sale so get in quick as it is all selling fast. First in first served.

I went around one of those dear friends today that started as a customer and she gave me the most beautiful gift. Handmade by her which means alot and a card with the most beautiful words in it. It took alot of strength not to ball my eyes out.

I want to thank all my customers and DT members that have contributed so much, especially Nic, without her I don't think I would have lasted as long as I did. She offered her great creative mind, time, love and much more to the running of the site as well as my personal life. She has been a rock and I hope I can only repay her one day. She is another that started off as a friend and turned out to be family, out of everything that was the biggest pay off. Through her I have also met Tess who is the lovliest person. I have got to know others south aussies personally through email as well as interstaters and got to share personal stuff that you sometimes can't talk to about with other people. It is great to know that there is people out there that trust you enough to share their problems and joy.

I have rambled enough and I hope I have covered everything I wanted to. I will always be here if anyone wants to chat privately or openly or just to share our creative sides.

Thanks xx

Here is a pic of the lovely gift Kerryn gave me today.