Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toni Needs...

I saw this on Nic's blog and thought I would give it a try. Just type in your name then needs in your favourite search engine and see what comes up.

Here are my first 10:

1.Toni needs Surgery and a new club(now that's true of the plastic kind lol)

2.Toni needs careful daily monitoring.(no way, you can trust me)

3.Toni needs luck to prove doubters wrong.( I no I need luck lol)

4.Toni needs some coffee as a late birthday present.(Make that iced)

5.Toni needs a strike partner.(I think they are talking soccer)

6. Toni needs to go and find some food.(lol I am always looking for food)

7. Toni needs to come up with a better colour for dark auburn hair.(What the!)

8. Toni needs to do a live concert DVD.(Don't think anyone would buy it though lol.)

9. Toni needs to have a record label.(Have you heard me sing, Oh my god)

10. Toni needs more time to recover from whatever ailment bothers her.(Now that list is going to be long lol)

That was quite interesting actually. Some others were:

Toni needs to got to Nassau and do the feeding scuba with the reef sharks. I don't think so.

Toni needs to become something to keep some type of income coming in. Now aint that the

Toni needs to re-work her hair 'light brown' colour. Whos going to pay for that?

I could go on and on. Thanks Nic.

Have done a bit of scrapping. I did manage to finish all layouts for the CC, very proud of myself. I have also done some others but can't show yet. Will have to wait to next month over at Puzzle Sketches. Here are the CC challenges.

We have also released a range of new kits over at KTM. These range in different prices and styles. Why not go over and check them out. They are already quite popular. These kits include our most recent celebrity scrapper kit designed by 'Amanda Hall' this is a beautiful kit for only $14.95. There isn't many left so be quick.

That will do for today.

Happy Scrapping


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have returned...

Once again I have been a bad blogger. I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to get anything done. My house is a shambles, I haven't scrapped much and I still haven't finished my tax.

There is some exciting news though. Nic my DT and creative mind over at KTM has come up with the most unique, cool challenge blog. It is called 'Puzzle Sketches', I will be contributing in the way of examples and sponsorship. Go check it out and get involved. There will be great prizes and it seems to big a big hit already. August challenge is already up.

Over at KTM we are changing also. We are making the change to a 'Kit Klub' We want to offer a varitety of kits starting at a low $9.95 up to who knows where? Kits are a great way to use a range of different products without having to buy a whole pack of something you will probably never use all of. We will co-ordinate these in different styles so you have a good range of choices. We will still bring you our monthly kits each month to showcase new products but also kits of older stock that you might have never thought of using. This transition will be starting soon, so keep your eye out.

Our new August 'Sierra' kit is out now and full of warmth. Go to our gallery to check out examples that Nic created. Here is a picture of the kit and it is a low $29.95 this month.

I did a couple of scrapping projects recently, more for challenges which didn't happen in the end. A mini album about me, no pics just journalling about things that have happened so far this year. I can add to it as the year goes on. The other is a layout I did for one of our KTM challenges for July. It is pics my son took of himself when he went to China earlier in the year. I just had to use that title.

We had a CC last weekend and I have all intentions of doing all the challenges, cutting it fine, I will get started on Friday night at our regular crop night and finish on weekend as I have it all to myself.YAY! This includes a layout sample for puzzle sketches. You can still enter our CC challenges you have until Sunday night. Check out our forum for details.

Stay warm

Happy Scrapping